Honmura An Tokyo

1145am-1400 / 1700-1930
Soba Inari Bento, Tenju, plus seasona small plates;

We aplogize that our Soba and Udon dishes may not be prepared
for take-outs service
due to Hand made nature of the noodles.

お弁当 (Bento)

そば稲荷弁当 Soba Inari Bento* ····· 1,300
(Soba Inari 3 pieces, Japanese Omelette, Green Asparagus, Branched Burdock roots,
Red beets, slices of smoked duck, Sashimi style nori flavored Kon-nyaku)

* そば稲荷は特製十割蕎麦でもご用意できます。+300円
Soba Inari can be made of special Towari 100% Soba,
300 yen extra.

Vegetraian meals can be arranged

蕎麦稲荷は単品でもご用意できます。(二個より) ····· 一個 300 円

ご飯物(Rice dishes)

天重 Tenju ····· 2,300
Two very large sweet prawn tempura over rice, special sauce, our signature dish

穴子天重 Anago Tenju ····· 2,000
Two pieces of crisp fried Anago eel tempura over rice, special sauce; two orders minimum

小天重 Small Tenju ····· 1,500
One large sweet prawn and vegetable tempura over rice, special sauce

銀だら西京焼き弁当 Grilled Miso Black Cod Bento ····· 1,400
Grilled miso Cod, rice, Tamago, Green Asparagus, Branched Burdock roots,
Red beets, slices of duck and seaweed Konnyaku

黒豚角煮弁当 Braised Pork belly Bento ····· 1,300
Braised black pork belly, rice, Tamago, Green asparagus, Branched Burdock roots,
Red beets, slices of duck and seaweed Konnyaku

Please be advised that all the take-out dischse MUST be consumed within one hour!

一品料理(Seasonal small plates)

小アジの素揚げ(駿河湾) ····· 350
Crisp fried Ko Aji, baby Mackerel from Suruga Bay

メヒカリの素揚げ(遠州灘) ····· 350
Crisp fried Mehikari small fish from Enshu-nada coast

厚焼き玉子 ····· 500
Tamago; Japanese omelette

板わさ ····· 850
Itawasa; steam white fish cake

そば粉のバゲットに自家製イチジクバター(二切) ····· 400
Toasted Baguette of buckwheat with homemade Fig butter, two pieces

グリーンアスパラガスのサラダ ····· 800
Gresh green asparagus salad with sesame Miso dressing

たたきごぼう(伊勢崎産ごぼう) ····· 500
Tataki Gobo; blanched Gobo Burdock roots from Isezaki, Gunma, Sesame topping

アボカドサラダ ····· 700
Avocado salad, serced with bonito flakes and scallions

湯葉のお刺身 ····· 800
Sashimi style fresh Yuba

揚げなす ····· 700
Fried eggplants with ginger

ベビーグリーンと宇和島産ブラッドオレンジのサラダ ····· 1,000
Salad of fresh baby greens,
buckwheat sprouts, fried crunchy Soba,
fresh Blood Orange from Uwajima;
Yuzu sesame dressing

そばいなり(二個より) ····· 一個 300
Inari style sushi made of fresh Soba noodles; two pieces minimum order

鴨ロース ····· 700
Slices of smoked duck

とりだんご ····· 800
Tori Dango; Crisp fried chicken meatballs

さつまあげ(いわし又は蓮根) ····· 600
Fried fish cake with Sardine or chopped Lotus roots

和牛のたたき(宮崎牛) ····· 1,300
Slices of Wagyu Miyazaki Beef,
roast beef style with fresh Shiso flowers and Wasabi

薩摩黒豚の角煮と新じゃがの炊き合わせ ····· 1,000
Tender port belly from Kagoshima with small new potatoes

銀だらの西京焼き ····· 1,100
Grilled Gindara Cod (Sable), Miso glazed

いかの粕漬け(北海道) ····· 1,000
Ika Kasuzuke; slices of boiled Squid from Hokkaido, marinated in Sake paste

天ぷらの盛り合わせ(車海老一本にお野菜) ····· 1,600
One large prawn Tempura and seasonal vegetables

穴子の天ぷら ····· 1,400
Four pieces of crisp fried Anago Eel tempura

All orders are subject to availability.
The last call for take-outs order is at 1900pm.
We suggest you call earlier in the day to avoid the delay.

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Honmura An Tokyo


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